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By Hildie Maria E. Nacorda

In keeping with examine in Bolinao, this publication assesses the significance of small-scale disturbance through burrowing shrimps. It covers the distribution of burrowing shrimp disturbance, the habit of the snapping shrimp Alpheus macellarius in situ and as saw from tank experiments, and the results of temporary burial and leaf clipping at the development styles of the dominant seagrass Thalassia hemprichii. The ebook examines the function of bioturbation through burrowing shrimps in seagrass meadows, foraging recommendations of A. macellarius and its mutualistic symbiosis with Cryptocentrus spp., shrimp disturbance and T. hemprichii, and small-scale disturbance and large-scale dynamics.

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Impacts of dugong foraging on seagrass habitats: observational and experimental evidence for cultivation grazing. Marine Ecology Progress Series 24: 201213. G. 1995. Flood and cyclone related loss, and partial recovery of more than 1000 km2 of seagrass in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. Aquatic Botany 52: 3-17. A. 2004. Recovery and succession in a multi-species tropical seagrass meadow following experimental disturbance: the role of sexual and asexual reproduction. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 30: 13-45.

Polyophthalmus guarding several burrows. 043 1 91 9 + – + – Burrow opening density Sand mound density Shaft/ pit density H. 001 9 87 13 + – + + – Depth Sand patch size Shaft/ pit opening size Sand mound density T. 024 7 60 40 – + Sand patch density H. 027 3 83 17 – Depth 19 Note: Separate stepwise regressions included the following covariables as predictors of the dependent variables, but altogether explained much less variance than that accounted for by ANOVA: (1) sediment skewness (+) in place of H.

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