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By Jonathan Robert Bart, Victoria Helen Johnston

Each yr shorebirds from North and South the USA migrate hundreds of thousands of miles to spend the summer season within the Arctic. There they feed in coastline marshes and estuaries alongside essentially the most efficient and pristine coasts anyplace. With quite a bit on hand foodstuff they can reproduce virtually explosively; and as wintry weather methods, they retreat south besides their offspring, to come back to the Arctic the subsequent spring. This striking trend of flow and task has been the item of extensive examine via a global staff of ornithologists who've spent a decade counting, surveying, and gazing those shorebirds. during this very important man made paintings, they tackle a number of questions on those migratory chicken populations. what number birds occupy Arctic ecosystems every one summer time? How lengthy do vacationing shorebirds linger ahead of heading south? How fecund are those birds? the place precisely do they migrate and the place precisely do they go back? Are their populations becoming or shrinking? the result of this examine are an important for greater knowing how environmental rules will impact Arctic habitats in addition to the far-ranging wintry weather habitats utilized by migratory shorebirds.

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McCaffery, pers. ). Pectoral Sandpiper Pectoral Sandpipers were recorded only on the YDSA, where they are a common spring migrant in late May, but only a rare breeder (McCaffery, pers. ). Ten pairs and 19 single birds were recorded, mainly in wetlands. The number of pairs estimated to be breeding on surveyed plots was 18, but we note that courtship displays are common among birds in migrant flocks. 35). 35). Short-billed Dowitcher Short-billed Dowitchers were recorded only on the APSA. Surveyors recorded one nest, five pairs, and 20 single birds, mainly in wetlands.

Camps were widely distributed across the study area, so they were treated as a simple random sample (rather than a stratified random sample). ^ was Under this assumption, the variance of R estimated as ͧ ^− ^ x−, y−) 2Cov( V^(y− ) _________ 2 V(x ) Ϫ V^(R^) ϭ R^ ____ ϩ _____ − xy x−2 y−2 ͨ (12) where 1 2− ^ − 1 2− 1 − − ___ ___ ^ − − V^(x− ) ϭ ___ m s (xi), V( y ) ϭ m s (yi), Cov(x , y ) ϭ m cov(xi, yi) and s2 and coˆv indicate the sample variances and covariances, respectively. Estimates will often be needed within a stratum, habitat, or region.

25). This estimate is a significant fraction of the estimated global population of 95,000 (Handel and Gill 1992, Morrison et al. 2006). Marbled Godwit Rock Sandpiper Marbled Godwits were observed at two sites in the APSA (Pike and Popeye Lakes). Surveyors recorded two pairs and 13 single birds on the surveyed plots, all in wetlands, plus five birds off the plots. They estimated that two pairs were breeding on their plots. 62), considerably higher than other recent estimates (Tibbitts et al. 2005, Morrison et al.

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