• Classes Pilates in the Park  Where : Kerikeri Domain, behind the bowling club under the trees. Park in cul-de-sac in Cobham Court or next to the Skate ramp, Hobson Avenue. When : 9.15am and 5.15pm Monday and Wednesday 31st January… Read More

  • Breathwork Pilates with Mindfulness! Be in the presence of my shiny, inspiring and perfectly imperfect self in Breathwork Mindfulness Pilates group Mat classes.  I’ll take you though the paces of strength, flexibility and empowerment that will energise you through… Read More

Personal Growth

Boost the nutritional value of your food with Seaweed

Seaweed is packed full of nutrients perfect for your garden.  Layer it on top, dig it under the top layer of soil.  Grow great healthy food with the use of this sea vegetable. The nutritional profile of Seaweed… Read More

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Macadamia and Linseed Flatbread

Bread. I love it, but Gluten makes me feel tired and bloated.  Something simple to make and makes a super soft bread that I like to use is Macadamia flour mix from Cathedral Cove Naturals . Their bread mix… Read More

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