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    Northland’s premier Horse Assisted Connection classes and celebration events with a twist of encouragement, fun and empowerment, of course! ” Such a wonderful concept; feel good parties, celebrations and motivational events at your place, or at our wonderful… Read More


    Workshops, inspiration, connection to generate joy in your life. You are only here for a one lifetime trip, so let’s find order in your life to balance without it being all consuming. Let’s set intention to enrich relationships… Read More

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    ” We all know eating more fresh, unprocessed real plant food is really good for health, but seldom is there a book just dedicated to meals without sugar, milk, meat and gluten to help you create plates of… Read More

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    Hand picked by to keep you at top of your game.  You’ll find Everything from my beautiful 100% pure Essential Oil long burn botanical wax candles, foodie classes and event tickets, coaching programs, eBooks and more.   Click to… Read More

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olive flat bread

Macadamia and Linseed Flatbread

Bread. I love it, but Gluten makes me feel tired and bloated.  Something simple to make and makes a super soft bread that I like to use is Macadamia flour mix from Cathedral Cove Naturals . Their bread mix… Read More

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Lemon Kiwifruit Pie

Lemon and Lime Pie with Kiwifruit Glaze

After making nut milk, one may wonder what to do with the soak cast offs?  Certainly don’t waste it!  Make pie. Pie works for me any day! Your soaked Gluten free Oats, hazelnuts and almonds will all blend… Read More

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si running

Inspired Hit # 6 Fermented Foods for absorbing natural vitamins from food

Eating fermented foods help with building a great immune system especially at this time of year. Fermented foods help with natural manufacture of vitamins from your foods, but be careful not to eat too much.  Small amounts introduced… Read More

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